L’idea del noleggio To-Go, nasce da un’esperienza trentennale nel restauro dei nostri pulmini, curati nei dettagli e nei piccoli comfort che ogni viaggiatore desidera avere a disposizione.

We are long experienced in restoring camping vans and our campers, studied in every detail with a great attention to all that comforts that each traveller would like to have at his/her disposal. In addition, To-Go offers gift boxes and special formulas to be decided together according to your needs.

Our vans are equipped like a real home on wheels but they have in addition a great attention to the environment, which we would like to consider as grateful guests of. 

That’s why some of our vans are fuelled with GPL gas and inside they work thanks to the solar energy.

It’s important to go for a holiday and enjoy a carefree time!

If you need, To-Go welcomes you at the airport with a Transfer service in all the island!

We wait for you to enjoy many special days and unforgettable sunsets!


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