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Would you like to explore Sardegna like an old-time traveller, but with all comforts and modern services? You just need two ingredients: your sense for adventure and a camping van, and not just any camping van…

Ma i nostri Volkswagen T3! che oltre a mantenere il loro aspetto vintage, hanno al loro interno la tecnologia e il confort di un camper moderno.

Our camping vans are equipped with solar panels that supplies power to fridge, courtesy lights, USB plugs and all inside equipments just through the sunlight.

We are able to give you all instructions about locations and places and a map of sites to visit all around the island.

Sardegna is famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants. It’s a welcoming land that invites the traveller to explore it and to share its beauties with the same Sardegna based people.

We wish you a TO-GO experience!



La vita in Sardegna è forse la migliore che un uomo possa augurarsi: ventiquattro mila chilometri di foreste, di campagne, di coste immerse in un mare miracoloso dovrebbero coincidere con quello che io consiglierei al buon Dio di regalarci come Paradiso.

Fabrizio De Andrè